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Starting October 26, 2009, the Traffic Safety Center has a new name, SafeTREC, the Safe Transportation Research and Education Center.

Our new name more accurately reflects the manner in which our mission has grown since our founding nearly 10 years ago to encompass safety and travel risk in a multi-modal transportation system; a robust and diverse research agenda across multiple disciplines; and development and enhancement of curriculum, training, and outreach on the graduate and undergraduate levels, as well as for professionals and members of the community.

The UC Berkeley Safe Transportation Research & Education Center (SafeTREC) aims to reduce traffic fatalities and injuries in California through multi-disciplinary collaboration in education, research, and outreach. SafeTREC faculty, staff, and associates conduct a wide range of research and technical assistance, including:

  • human factors in crashes involving vehicles, pedestrians and bicyclists;
  • applications of intelligent intersection collision warning and control systems;
  • evaluation of traffic safety interventions;
  • community involvement in the implementation of diverse projects from pedestrian safety to child passenger safety;
  • data analysis on injury prevention/traffic safety problems in California;
  • traffic safety issues among specific populations, including older drivers and communities of color.

In addition, SafeTREC is sponsoring multidisciplinary courses on injury prevention and traffic safety in the School of Public Health and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UC Berkeley and has developed partnerships with local governments, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and advocacy groups statewide to look at a variety of traffic safety issues facing communities in California.

There are 25 publications in this collection, published between 2012 and 2015.

Brazil, John: SafeTREC Seminar April 10: Creating Space for Bikeways: Road Diets and Parking Removal, 2015

Foti, Fletcher: Applying UrbanSim to Transportation Issues in Cities, 2015

Gruenewald, Paul J: SafeTREC Seminar 5/1/15: Interventions for Alcohol Related Traffic Injuries and Deaths, 2015

Roa, Nestor H.: SafeTREC Seminar Nov.13: The commitment of the IDB on Road Safety, 2015

Wang, Junhua: Chinese Road Safety and Driver Behavior Research, 2015

Wyant, Jennifer D: Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plans in Post-War Suburban Communities, 2015

Anderson, Eric: SafeTREC/UCTC Seminar: Bikeways in Berkeley, 2014

Braughton, Matt; Griffin, Ashleigh: SafeTREC - UCTC Seminar: ODOT Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Implementation Plan, 2014

Camp, Bayliss J: Improving Traffic Safety Culture Through California’s SHSP , 2014

Campbell, Dave: SafeTREC - UCTC Seminar: Post CEQA Traffic Analysis for New Bikeways, 2014

Co, Sean: SafeTREC - UCTC Seminar: An Innovative Performance Based Approach to the Health Impacts of Transit Investments, 2014

Lengyel, Tess: Tess Lengyel, SafeTREC Seminar Dec 12: Policy and Planning at the Alameda County Transportation Commission, 2014

Ng, Wei-Shiuen: SafeTREC - UCTC Seminar: Flexible Work Schedules and Transportation Behavior at UC Berkeley, 2014

Proulx, Frank: Frank Proulx, NCHRP 07-19: Methods and Technologies for Pedestrian and Bicycle Volume Data Collection, 2014

Proulx, Frank: Methods and Technologies for Pedestrian and Bicycle Volume Data Collection, 2014

Schneider, Nicole: Vision Zero, SF , 2014

Bigham, John: New GIS Mapping Features in TIMS Feb 22, 2013, 2013

Greene-Roesel, Ryan: Benefit Cost Analysis Applied to Behavioral and Engineering Safety Countermeasures in San Francisco, 2013

Kockelman, Kara PhD: Crash Rates & Risks: The Role of Vehicle Design (& Type), Driver Habits, & Demographics , 2013

Lee, Brian H.Y.: Teens, Technology, and Transportation: An exploration of the digital lives of high schoolers, 2013

Manton, Richard: Giving cycling the green light: An overview of transportation in Ireland and the design of the National Cycle Network, 2013

Parks, Jamie: Transportation Policy in Oakland: As It Is and as It Should Be , 2013

Safe Transportation Research and Education Center: CA 13 Data Webinar, 2013

Markowitz, Frank: Walking in San Francisco: How SF Safety and Walkability Compare to Best Practices, 2012

Satariano, Bill: Toward an integrated mobility agenda, 2012

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