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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Volume 10, Issue 2, 2004


Vibration anesthesia: A noninvasive method of reducing discomfort prior to dermatologic procedures
Smith, Kevin C MD; Comite, Stephen L MD; Balasubramanian, Suprina; Carver, Alan MD; Liu, Judy F

Treatment of HIV-associated facial lipoatrophy with Radiance FN™ (Radiesse™)
Comite, Stephen L MD; Liu, Judy F; Balasubramanian, Suprina; Christian, Marisa A

Continuous-wave Nd:Yag laser hyperthermia: a successful modality in treatment of basal cell carcinoma
El-Tonsy, Mohamed Hany MD; El-Domyati, Moetaz Mostafa; El-Sawy, Ashraf Esmat; El-Din, Wael Hosam; Anbar, Tag El-Din Al-Sayed; Raouf, Hamza A.

Treatment of psoriasis with light and heat energy (LHE™): A preliminary study
Leviav, A; Wolf, R; Vilan, A

Original Articles

Pigmented spindle-cell nevus: A melanoma simulator
Maurichi, Andrea MD; Baldi, Marzia MD; Bartoli, Cesare MD; Bono, Aldo MD; Camerini, Tiziana PhD; Moglia, Daniele MD et al.

Childhood leishmaniasis: Report of 106 cases
Kharfi, Monia MD; Benmously, Rym MD; Fekih, Nadia El MD; Daoud, Meriem MD; Fitouri, Zohra MD; Mokhtar, Inçaf et al.

A simplified psoriasis area severity index (SPASI) for rating psoriasis severity in clinic patients
Louden, B Asher; Pearce, Daniel J MD; Lang, Wei PhD; Feldman, Steven R MD PhD

Case Reports

Spontaneous acroangiodermatitis in a young woman
Hung, Noelyn Anne MB; Strack, Mathew MB; Rij, Andre Van MB; North, Colin John MB; Blennerhassett, John Bartlett MB

Adenolipoma of the skin
Agua, C Del; Felipo, F

Congenital lower lip pits: A case report
Souissi, A; Euch, D El; Mokni, M; Badri, T; Dhahri, A Ben Osman

Multiple cutaneous reticulohistiocytomas in a patient with rheumatoid arthritis
Vieira, Ricardo; Cordeiro, Margarida Robalo; Mariano, Angelina; Reis, Jose Pedro; Tellechea, Oscar; Figueiredo, Americo

Case Presentations

Subcutaneous fat necrosis: Report of two cases
Fenniche, S MD; Daoud, L MD; Benmously, R MD; Ammar, F Ben MD; Khelifa, I MD; Chaabane, S MD et al.

Alopecia areata of eyelashes: A subset of alopecia areata
Grandhe, Naga Prasad MD; Kanwar, Amrinder Jit MD

Circumscribed scalp hair loss following multiple hair-cutter ant invasion
Aghaei, Shahin MD; Sodaifi, Manouchehr MD

Capillaritis as a potential harbinger to cutaneous T-cell lymphoma
Shen, Angela MD; Metz, Brandie J MD; Ehrig, Tosten MD; Sinkre, Prasanna MD; Hsu, Sylvia MD

Papulonodular mucinosis in systemic lupus erythematosus
Ortiz, Victoria G MD; Krishnan, Ravi S MD; Chen, Ling L MD; Hsu, Sylvia MD

Partial lipodystrophy in a girl
Shamsadini, Dr Sadollah; Ahmadi, Dr Akbar

Sclerodermatomyositis associated with severe arthritis
Toll, Agustín MD; Monfort, Jordi MD; Benito, Pere MD; Pujol, Ramon M MD

Hereditary syningomas, a case report
Draznin, Michelle MD

Facial cellulitis associated with complicating ophthalmic herpes zoster
Atzori, Laura MD; Ferreli, Caterina MD; Zucca, Myriam MD; Fanni, Daniela MD; Aste, Nicola MD

Ulcerated disseminated cutaneous leishmaniasis associated with vitiligo, hypothyroidism, and diabetes mellitus in a patient with Down syndrome
Aghaei, Shahin MD; Salmanpour, Rahmat MD; Handjani, Farhad MD; Monabati, Ahmad MD; Mazharinia, Nazila MD; Dastgheib, Ladan MD


Audiovisual presentations in peer-reviewed medical literature
Huntley, Arthur MD; Comite, Stephen L MD; Smith, Kevin C MD


Successful treatment of granuloma faciale with tacrolimus
Mitchell, Daniel MD

Intradermal drug delivery by low frequency sonophoresis (25KHz)
SantoiannI, Pietro; Nino, Massimiliano; Calabro, Gabriella

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