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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Volume 12, Issue 3, 2006


Results of a randomized, open-label, crossover study of the bioequivalence of subcutaneous versus intramuscular administration of alefacept
Sweetser, Marianne T; Woodworth, James; Swan, Suzanne; Ticho, Barry

Atopic dermatitis and systemic autoimmune diseases: A descriptive cross sectional study
Feizy, Vida; Ghobadi, Arefeh

Role of apoptosis stimulus factor and its ligand in the induction of apoptosis in some ultraviolet induced diseases
Shaker, Olfat; Youssef, Randa


Genital warts
Scheinfeld, Noah

Severe atopic dermatitis and leflunomide: first clinical experience and highlights of pertinent experimental data
Wozel, Gottfried; Vitéz, Lilla; Pfeiffer, Christiane

Nephrogenic Fibrosing Dermopathy: Case report and review
Lu, Dornechia E George Rebecca; George, Saira J; Hsu, Sylvia


Palm devices in dermatology
Scheinfeld, Noah

Case Reports

Lymphomatoid Papulosis Localized to the Face
Dalle, Stéphane; Balme, Brigitte; Thomas, Luc

Treatment of invasive squamous cell carcinoma with 5 percent imiquimod cream
Konstantopoulou, M; Lord, MG; Macfarlane, AW

Necrotic Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (NENL)
Rai, Vandana Mehta; Balachandran, C

Leukemia cutis resembling a flare-up of psoriasis
Ferreira, Márcia; Caetano, Mónica; Amorim, Isabel; Selores, Manuela

Clinico-epidemiologic study of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Diyarbakir Turkey
Aytekin, S; Ertem, M; Yağdıran, O; Aytekin, N

Case Presentations

Generalized B-cell non Hodgkin's lymphoma in association with leukocytoclastic vasculitis and disseminated intravascular coagulation
Cardinali, Carla; Santini, Simone; Leo, Angelo di; Giannini, Augusto; Giovanni, Lo Scocco

Familial reticulate acropigmentation of Dohi: A case report
Obieta, Maria Princesa P

Bilateral localized lipoatrophy secondary to a single intramuscular corticosteroid injection
Avilés-Izquierdo, JA; Longo-Imedio, MI; Hernánz-Hermosa, JM; Lázaro-Ochaita, P

Atypical cutaneous leishmaniasis resembling eczema on the foot
Manzur, A; Butt, UA

Normolipemic papular xanthoma with xanthelasma
Singla, Atul

Secondary syphilis clinically mimicking pseudolymphoma of the face
Bari, Arfan ul; Raza, Naeem

Waardenburg syndrome type 1
Karaman, Ali MD; Aliagaoglu, Cihangir MD


Pyogenic granuloma on the hand subsequent to friction blister in a hand surgeon
Sasmaz, Sezai; Karaoguz, Ahmet; Uzel, Murat; Coban, Y Kenan

Urticaria and lip fasciculation may be prodromal signs of brain malignancy
Shamsadini, Sadollah; Varesvazirian, Majid; Shamsadini, Ayeh

Solitary Plasmocytoma of frontal bone presenting as an asymptomatic forehead lump: A case report
Jagadeesan, Jagajeevan; Oudit, Deemesh; Hardwicke, Joseph; Shariff, Zakir; McCoubrey, Gavin; Roberts, Gareth et al.

Intralesional bleomycin as alternative therapy in the treatment of multiple basal cell carcinomas
Gyurova, Magdalina Stoyanova; Stancheva, Marieta Zheleva; Arnaudova, Monka Nedelcheva; Yankova, Rumiana Kalopherova

The efficacy of topical cyproterone acetate alcohol lotion versus placebo in the treatment of the mild to moderate acne vulgaris: A double blind study
Iraji, Fariba; Momeni, Ali; Naji, Seyed Morteza; Siadat, Amir Hossein

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