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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Volume 17, Issue 3, 2011


Diagnostic accuracy in patients admitted to hospitals with cellulitis
David, Consuelo V; Chira, Sandy; Eells, Samantha J; Ladrigan, Manasi; Papier, Art; Miller, Loren G et al.


Current state of acne treatment: Highlighting lasers, photodynamic therapy, and chemical peels
Kim, Randie H; Armstrong, April W

Case Reports

A new variant of Vohwinkel syndrome: A case report
Seirafi, Hassan; Khezri, Somayeh; Morowati, Saeid; Kamyabhesari, Kambiz; Mirzaeipour, Mehdi; Khezri, Farzaneh

Case Presentations

Multiple glomus tumors and segmental neurofibromatosis: There are no coincidences
Cabral, Rita; Santiago, F; Tellechea, O

Development of disseminated superficial porokeratosis in a patient with complicated acute pancreatitis
Ferreira, O; Duarte, AF; Baudrier, T; Mota, A; Azevedo, F

Unilateral colloid milium: A rare presentation
Toossi, Parviz; Shakoei, Safoura; Hejazi, Somayeh; Asadi, Zahra; Yousefi, Maryam

Diffuse cutaneous mastocytosis: Report of a severe case with fatal outcome
Ghiasi, Maryam; Ghanadan, Alireza; Jesri, Shab Bu; Sotudeh, Soheyla; Ramyar, Asghar

Successful treatment of nodular lymphangitis due to in two immunosuppressed patients
Schneider, Pierre; Monsel, Gentiane; Veziris, Nicolas; Roujeau, Jean-Claude; Bricaire, François; Caumes, Eric

Blastomycosis-like pyoderma in association with recurrent vesicular hand eczema: Good response to acitretin
Cecchi, Roberto; Bartoli, Laura; Brunetti, Luigi; Pavesi, Mario


Papules on the nose
Gámez, Lucía; Reig, Irela; González, Antonio; Canosa, Adriana; Jordá, Esperanza

Biopsy of a persistent pruritic papule on the back of a 75-year-old man
Ortman, Stephanie A; Huerter, Christopher; Reinig, Erica; Albertson, Daniel; Sarma, Deba P


Two cases with nickel-induced oral mucosal hyperplasia: A rare clinical form of allergic contact stomatitis?
Özkaya, Esen; Babuna, Goncagül

Skin lightening cream induced dermatitis and atrophy
Bremmer, Matthew; Gardner, James; Driscoll, Marcia

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