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Dermatology Online Journal is an open-access, refereed publication intended to meet reference and education needs of the international dermatology community since 1995. Dermatology Online Journal is supported by the Department of Dermatology UC Davis, and by the Northern California Veterans Administration.

Volume 9, Issue 3, 2003


Atypical and unusual clinical manifestations of contact dermatitis to clothing (textile contact dermatitis) - case presentation and review of the literature
Lazarov, Aneta MD; Cordoba, Mario MD; Plosk, Natalia MD; Abraham, David MD

Quinine sulfate and HSV replication: Implications in malaria-endemic areas
Wolf, Ronni; Baroni, Adone; Greco, Rita; Corrado, Federica; Ruocco, Eleonora; Tufano, Maria Antonietta et al.

The baboon syndrome or intertriginous drug eruption: A report of eleven cases and a second look at its pathomechanism
Wolf, Ronni MD; Orion, Edith MD; Matz, Hagit MD


Viral exanthems
Scott, Lycia A MD; Stone, Mary Seabury MD

A review of thalidomide's history and current dermatological applications
Perri, Anthony J III; Hsu, Sylvia MD

Phenytoin in cutaneous medicine: Its uses and side effects
Scheinfeld, Noah MD


Prostaglandin analogs for hair growth: Great Expectations
Wolf, Ronni MD; Matz, Hagit MD; Zalish, Miriam; Pollack, Ayala MD; Orion, Edith MD

Acne vulgaris - more than skin deep
Hanna, Shannon; Sharma, Jasdeep MD; Klotz, Jennifer MD

Case Reports

A perplexing pruritic papular rash
Pinkerton, Mandy; Ward, Staci MD; Duvic, Madeleine MD

Stowaways with wings: Two case reports on high-flying insects
Wolf, Ronni MD; Orion, Edith MD; Matz, Hagit MD

Psoriasiform drug eruption due to metformin hydrochloride: A case report
Koca, Rafet MD; Altinyazar, H Cevdet MD; Yenidünya, Sibel MD; Tekin, Nilgün Solak MD

Localized scalp hair shedding by pheidole ant and overwiew of similar case reports
Shamsadini, S MD

Topical pimecrolimus in the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis
Brownell, Isaac MD PhD; Quan, Long T MD PhD; Hsu, Sylvia MD

Peculiar pattern of nail pigmentation following cyclophosphamide therapy
Dave, Shriya; Thappa, Devinder M

Nail toxicity related to taxanes
Mourad, Y Abou; Matta-Muallem, M; Shamseddine, A

Case Presentations

Subungal abcesses secondary to paclitaxel
Albares, M Pilar MD; Belinchón, Isabel MD; Pascual, Jose Carlos MD; Vergara, Gloria MD; Blanes, Mar MD; Betlloch, Isabel MD

Isolated scalp involvement with pityriasis versicolor alba (Pityrias Versicolor Albus Capitis) in a patient from a dry temperate region
Naseri, M MD; Namazi, MR MD

Bullous erythema ab igne
Kokturk, Aysin MD; Kaya, Tamer Irfan MD; Baz, Kiymet MD; Yazici, Ayca Cordan MD; Apa, Duygu Dusmez MD; Ikizoglu, Guliz MD

Angioma serpiginosum
Namazi, Mohammad Reza MD; Handjani, Farhad MD

Two additional features of Kindler syndrome
Aboud, Khalid Al MD; Hawsawi, Khalid Al MD; Ramesh, V MD


The esprit de corps of dermatology residents
Wu, Jashin J MD; Tyring, Stephen K MD PhD

The academic strength of current dermatology residency applicants
Wu, Jashin J MD; Tyring, Stephen K MD PhD


A simple measure to apply sunscreen while on holidays
Castanedo-Cazares, Juan Pablo MD; Lepe, Veronica MD; Torres-Alvarez, Bertha MD; Moncada, Benjamin MD

Foods and Places in Dermatological Terms
Aboud, Khalid Al MD; Hawasawi, Khalid Al MD; Ramesh, V MD; Aboud, Daifullah Al MD; Githami, Ahmed Al MD

Report from the Blackout of 2003 in New York City
Comite, Stephen MD

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