Table 10. Hand hygiene recommendations as applicable to dermatological outpatient settings

·       Hands should be washed with soap (preferably anti-microbial, but plain acceptable) and water:

-        When hands are visible dirty

-        When hands are contaminated with proteinaceous material, blood, body fluids

-        If hands are likely to have been exposed to spores (e.g., Clostridium difficile, Bacillus anthracis)

-        Before eating

-        After using the restroom

·       In all other patient care circumstances, hands should be decontaminated with alcohol-based hand rubs

·       Hands should be decontaminated:

-      Before and after contact with each patient and his/her immediate environment

-       After removing gloves

-       Before donning gloves to perform sterile procedures (e.g., surgeries)

-       When moving from a contaminated to a clean patient body site

·       Gloves should be worn for contact with blood, body fluids, mucus membranes, non-intact skin, items or surfaces contaminated with body fluids

Data from Boyce and Pittet [100], and Siegel et al [101].