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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Policies for Submissions

Who Can Submit

The California Center for Population Research (CCPR) only publishes materials about work conducted under the auspices of CCPR. For additional information, please contact Wendy Tieu at


A paper may be updated or removed from public view by sending a request to the system administrator, Wendy Tieu, at However, a citation to the original version of the paper will always remain on the site.

Author Review

Authors do not have an opportunity to approve papers they have submitted prior to them becoming publicly available on the site; therefore, please be sure that the paper is ready for public distribution.

Rights and Permissions

Before submitting a paper to the repository, please be sure that all necessary permissions have been cleared. You retain the copyright to your paper and grant us the nonexclusive right to publish this material, meaning that you may also publish it elsewhere.

You may request a paper copy of the author agreement by contacting Wendy Tieu at, or download it here. The text of the agreement is as follows:

eScholarship Repository Author Agreement

I grant the California Center for Population Research (hereafter called the CCPR) on behalf of The Regents of the University of California (hereafter called The Regents) the non-exclusive right to make content any research publications, papers, articles or similar documents, I provide to CCPR (hereafter called the Work) available for placement in the eScholarship Repository in any format in perpetuity.

I understand that perpetuity means that once the Work is deposited in the repository, a full bibliographic citation of the Work will remain visible in perpetuity, but that I have the right to update or remove the substance of the Work at any time.

I warrant as follows:
(a) that I have the full power and authority to make this agreement;
(b) that the Work does not infringe any copyright, nor violate any proprietary rights, nor contain any libelous matter, nor invade the privacy of any person or third party; and
(c) that no right in the Work has in any way been sold, mortgaged, or otherwise disposed of, and that the Work is free from all liens and claims.

I understand this document is meant for administrative purposes to cover all past and future works provided to CCPR and I agree to notify CCPR if I cannot fully warrant, as noted above, any particular Work I provide to CCPR (for instance if copyright infringement is a question due to formal transfer of rights to a scholarly journal).

I agree to hold The Regents of the University of California, CCPR, and its agents harmless from any claim, action, or proceeding alleging facts that constitute a breach of any warranty enumerated in this paragraph, and further agree to indemnify The Regents, the Organized Research Unit, and its agents against expenses and attorney's fees that may be incurred in defense against each claim, action, or proceeding.