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Glossa Psycholinguistics

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Information on article payments and funding at Glossa Psycholinguistics

In principle, authors publishing in Glossa Psycholinguistics face no financial obligation for the publication of their article. In accordance with principles of Fair Open Access, submission and publication are not conditional on the payment of a fee.

We do ask authors who have access to funds earmarked for an article processing charge (APC) through their institution, or to publication funds via research grants, to use those funds to cover the $500 USD APC of their publication in Glossa Psycholinguistics.

The APC covers all publication costs (editorial processes; web hosting; indexing; marketing; archiving; DOI registration etc.) and ensures that all of the content is fully open access. Shortly after publication, authors who have access to earmarked funds for the APC will receive an invoice along with information on how payment can be arranged.

Authors who do not have access to such funds will inform the editors upon submission to confirm that they have consulted their institutional library or department, and do not have access to such earmarked institutional or grant funds for the APC. This information will then be logged with the submission.

Authors can also make a donation of their choice to support publication of Glossa Psycholinguistics. Donations over $1000 will be acknowledged on the home page.