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Guidelines for Submissions to InterActions

InterActions encourages practitioners, activists, and both established and emerging scholars to submit manuscripts throughout the year. Authors retain the copyright to material they publish in InterActions, but the journal cannot re-publish material that has previously been published elsewhere, and does not accept papers that are simultaneously submitted to other journals.

We welcome:

  • Articles (less than 7500 words)
  • Literative reviews (less than 5000 words)
  • Interviews (less than 5000 words)
  • Book reviews & Exhibition reviews (less than 1100 words)
  • Research in brief (less than 3000 words)

InterActions uses the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: Sixth Edition as its publication style guide. All in-text citations and references must abide by APA guidelines.

Our online submission process requires that manuscripts be submitted in separate stages in order to ensure the anonymity of the review process and to enable appropriate formatting.

The main text must be submitted as a stand-alone file (in Microsoft Word, TeX, or RTF) without a title page, abstract, page numbers, or other headers or footers.

The title, abstract, and author information should be input according to the directions on the site.

Abstracts (400 words or less) should be submitted in plain text and should not include information identifying the author(s) or their institutional affiliations.

All submissions except for book reviews must include an abstract before they will be considered for review.

How to Review a Manuscript -- Or, How to Get a Manuscript Published