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The Center for the Study of Child Care Employment (CSCCE) aims to expand public investment in the early childhood workforce to deliver high-quality care and education for all children. CSCCE conducts research and policy analysis about early childhood educators and examines policy solutions aimed at improving how they are prepared, supported, and rewarded.

Center for the Study of Child Care Employment
Institute for Research on Labor and Employment
University of California, Berkeley
2521 Channing Way, #5555
Berkeley, CA 94720-5555
Telephone: (510) 643-8293

Center for the Study of Childcare Employment

There are 114 publications in this collection, published between 1989 and 2022.
Recent Work (114)

Time to Revamp and Expand: Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs in California's Institutions of Higher Education

This report presents the results of an inventory of nearly all (98.5%) of California institutions of higher education that train adults to teach children under the age of five, including certificate, associate, bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. programs.

This study is linked to a national study of Early Childhood Teacher Preparation Programs in the US, led by researchers at the FPG Child Development Institute. Access their reports:

-National Report

-State Reports

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In Pursuit of Pre-K Parity: A Proposed Framework for Understanding and Advancing Policy and Practice

This report was produced in collaboration with the National Institute for Early Education Research.

This brief is the first resource in a three-part series on pre-K teacher compensation parity, jointly undertaken by CSCCE and NIEER. The brief develops a framework for understanding pre-K teacher compensation parity in contrast to other forms of compensation improvement for pre-K teachers and provides a summary of the current landscape of state policies, detailed further in the companion piece Teacher Compensation Parity Policies and State-Funded Pre-K Programs.

By Default or By Design? Variations in Higher Education Programs for ECE Teachers and Their Implications for Research Methodology, Policy, and Practice

Understanding how higher education contributes to teacher performance is a complex undertaking. It requires identifying which variations in program content and delivery are most relevant to student learning and teacher practice with young children. This necessitates appropriate research methodologies that can illuminate key program variations, which are re essential for generating solid evidence to inform policy and practice.

By Default or By Design? Variations in Higher Education Programs for Early Care and Education Teachers and Their Implications for Research Methodology, Policy, and Practice draws upon a case study of two early childhood B.A. completion cohort programs in order to illuminate the limitations of current ways of conceptualizing and studying early childhood teacher education. Focusing on four dimensions– program content, clinical experiences, faculty characteristics, and institutional context–we examine challenges encountered and lessons learned in seeking to understand differences in educational experiences among students attending these two programs. We then offer a series of recommendations for more nuanced ways of describing and evaluating the quality of higher education programs for early care and education practitioners.

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