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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Dipole Magnets Above 20 Tesla: Research Needs for a Path via High-Temperature Superconducting REBCO Conductors

  • Author(s): Wang, Xiaorong
  • Gourlay, Stephen A
  • Prestemon, Soren O
  • et al.

To enable the physics research that continues to deepen our understanding of the Universe, future circular colliders will require a critical and unique instrument—magnets that can generate a dipole field of 20 T and above. However, today’s maturing magnet technology for low-temperature superconductors (Nb-Ti and Nb 3 Sn) can lead to a maximum dipole field of around 16 T. High-temperature superconductors such as REBCO can, in principle, generate higher dipole fields but significant challenges exist for both conductor and magnet technology. To address these challenges, several critical research needs, including direct needs on instrumentation and measurements, are identified to push for the maximum dipole fields a REBCO accelerator magnet can generate. We discuss the research needs by reviewing the current results and outlining the perspectives for future technology development, followed by a brief update on the status of the technology development at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. We present a roadmap for the next decade to develop 20 T-class REBCO accelerator magnets as an enabling instrument for future energy-frontier accelerator complex.

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