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  • Author(s): Delacruz, Aylin
  • Cantali, Goekcan
  • et al.
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ALONE is a mystery interactive game that takes place in a grand yet daunting mansion during the 1960s. Set in a survivor-horror type environment, the main character wakes up unaware of where they are, how they got there, and are even clueless about their own identity. The character is determined to escape the mansion, despite not knowing anything about the place or their history, and must do so by interacting with objects, like locked doors and portraits, and solving puzzles using clues left in the rooms and hallways. Throughout the entire game, the main character is alone, alluding to the title of the game; however, there is one other person that makes their presence known through the notes and poems they leave behind for the character to uncover. Through these notes, the character assumes that it is this person that set them up in the game-filled mansion. This unknown figure leaves threatening and mocking notes, leaving the character to wonder more about the history of their identity, as well as the other unknown person. Additionally, historical clues, such as dates and hints to actual events, are needed to solve puzzle riddles and unlocking objects in order to successfully pass to the next level. Curiosity builds up over time, and it is up for the player to decide what the character should do in the end, such as leaving the mansion as it was their initial instinct or facing this figure and uncovering a mysterious past.     

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