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The Cartographic Evolution of the Sino-Mongolian Border at Zamyn Üüd/Erlian

  • Author(s): Powell, Susan, University of Caiifornia, Berkeley
  • et al.
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Map 26. Map of Zamiin-Uud/Erenhot border (map view), 2016

Map 26. Map of Zamiin-Uud/Erenhot border (map view), 2016
Close zoom levels reveal the gaps in consistency of Google Maps’s data. Here, neither the auto road nor the railway lines successfully line up across the border, even though satellite images (see map 25) confirm that the lines are continuous. As with the discrepancy seen in map 24, it is likely that this is an artifact of merging two data sources with slight variations. It shows the persistent tension of mapping at the border and calls into question the digital promise of a unified vision of the world. Source: Google MyMaps platform, Zamiin-Uud/Erenhot border, map view [map, 2017], zoom level 15. Map data: Google. Centered on N43.7052650, E111.9327850. Accessed January 13, 2017.