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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Coordination polymers of 5-substituted isophthalic acid

  • Author(s): McCormick, LJ
  • Morris, SA
  • Slawin, AMZ
  • Teat, SJ
  • Morris, RE
  • et al.

© The Royal Society of Chemistry 2016. The synthesis and characterisation of five coordination polymers - Ni2(mip)2(H2O)8·2H2O (1), Zn6(mip)5(OH)2(H2O)4·7.4H2O (2), Zn6(mip)5(OH)2(H2O)2·4H2O (3), Mn(HMeOip)2(4), and Mn3(tbip)2(Htbip)2(EtOH)2(5) - are reported. Preliminary nitric oxide release data on compounds 2 and 3 are also given.

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