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Blues for a Dying Ocean, or Hope for an Evolutionary Integration?


Ocean health is declining as fisheries crash, species are lost, coastal development and pollution spread, and coral reefs vanish. The scientists that study these ecosystems have many differing viewpoints and ideas regarding restoring our oceans to their pristine condition before human interference. This project documents the responses of scientists to the plight of declining ocean health and gathers perspectives on what can or should be done. Interviews include 1) Dr. Enric Sala discussing shifting baselines, 2) Dr. Nancy Knowlton exploring coral degradation and restoration in the Caribbean, 3) Dr. Paul Dayton contemplating science and conservation within the academic community, 4) Dr. George Sugihara regarding the economics of fisheries, 5) Dr. Richard Sommerville on scientists speaking out about climate change and 6) Dr. Nicholas Holland discussing mass extinctions on geologic timescales. The paper explores how science communication is necessary to educate the public and inform policy decisions. The overarching theme of the report is to draw attention to how we can protect our oceans from the major biodiversity loss that has occurred on land due to human interference.

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