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New Interactions in Effective Theory


I studied the physics beyond the Standard Model by using effective field theory. I built models of new heavy physics and obtained their low energy effective Lagrangians; I studied new effects on physical observables in collider experiments and nuclear, astrophysical and cosmological processes. In Part 1, I will discuss the phenomenology of the most general effective Lagrangian including up to dimension five operators built with standard model fields and right-handed neutrinos. In particular, the new interactions by a dimension five electro-weak moment operator of right-handed neutrinos will be shown mainly. In Part 2, new interactions for neutrinoless double beta decay will be discussed. The observation of the neutrinoless double beta decay will (i) tell us the type of neutrinos (Majorana or Dirac); (ii) open up the possibility of new physics; (iii) provide the constraints on the energy scales of the new heavy physics. I will list the effective operators and possible new physics models contributing to the neutrinoless double beta decay. Then I will present the condition for the dominant contribution of each effective operator over other operators, the lower limits on the energy scales of the new physics models, and the types of heavy particles that can contribute to the neutrinoless double beta decay and may also be produced at the LHC.

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