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CENS Data Sharing Practices (KNO 3)


At CENS we are committed to sharing, but how and when that sharing is accomplished is not made explicit. Data sharing practices vary by research group and remain a very localized procedure, typically involving a request made to the research group, who clean and massage the data, and then send the data out in some pre-specified form to the requester. As the volume of CENS data increases and the volume of the requests for these data increases, the existing data sharing practices will not scale well, and data sharing will become a hardship for research groups to accommodate. We need to look towards standards for data sharing at the point where data are available to researchers external to CENS, such as SensorBase. The development and implementation of interoperable standards and protocols, such as Open Archives Initiative protocols, can serve as a data and metadata envelope to encourage collection by other institutions without the need for the existing data sharing exchange to occur. This poster reports on results from our interview study of CENS researchers, specifically we explore the ways in which CENS researchers share data, including within their research group and outside of the research group, and the future needs for data sharing policy and standards.

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