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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Winter starling control in Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon

  • Author(s): Ford, Homer S.
  • et al.

Progress on winter starling control projects conducted by the Division of Wildlife Services (U.S. Bureau of Sport Fisheries and Wildlife) during the early to mid-1960s is reported. Trials used the toxicant DRC-1339, which is described in terms of toxicity, selectivity, and experimental use. During winter 1964-65, some very spectacular results were obtained from large-scale field tests of feedlot baiting in the western U.S. Details of successful field trials conducted in Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon in the mid-1960s are described. In some instances, dogs and hawks fed on carcasses of poisoned starlings, at times in considerable quantities, with no ill effects. DRC-1339 -treated bait diluted with untreated bait has been widely and successfully used; undiluted bait generally gave poor to fair results. Emphasis cannot be stressed too strongly on the importance of knowing bird behavior and habits within the feedlot to be baited. Also, with an increase in severity of winter weather comes a directly related increase in bait success.

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