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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Forces that move in us

  • Author(s): Aust, Emily
  • Advisor(s): Clancy, Liam
  • et al.


Forces that move in us


Emily Aust

Master of Fine Arts in Theatre and Dance (Dance Theatre)

University of California, San Diego, 2016

Professor Liam Clancy, Chair

This document stands as evidence, a creative action parallel to the materials referenced inside of it. It is an attempt to catalogue and present the viscera of research culminating my graduate studies at the University of California San Diego. It contains multiple phases and dialects specific to each phase.

Landscapes remind people of who they are is a continuous developing practice. The performance of foreground is a region formed, developed and discovered by the conditions set through the elements of the practice. It is time sensitive, is there a way to create more space with less time?

The practice is elemental, researching time during sunrise and sunset. It is inside and outside, it is the research of meeting places. The practice seeks to use dance as a field of knowledge. It requires commitment to a rigor that tells you what it needs, including but not limited to time, attention and physical presence. It requires tuning into curiosity and generosity in relationship to the worlds’ surroundings. It requires an appetite for un-knowing. It requires you to discover and learn the continuous languages of place, space and relationship and to allow the body to become an active conduit for this information.

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