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 Asphyxia is a top-down action dungeon-crawler. You are part of a crew of space pirates, exploring the outskirts of known-space in search of abandoned ships and stations to plunder. Unfortunately for your crew, these ships were abandoned for a reason. An unknown race of mechanical beings has slain the crews of these ships, and attack any life form they detect. Your job is to board these ships alone, equipped with a variety of weapons and abilities, and destroy as many of these AI as you can. Tread with caution: these ships have been severely damaged, and their life support systems may not be functioning properly. Run out of oxygen, and you'll become another lifeless body floating in the endless abyss of space. Your ships starts off with ten crew members; run out of crew, and it's game over. To avoid an untimely end to your business enterprise, there are life and oxygen pickups you can find scatter among the debris. On top of that, for every five-thousand Hubs you plunder, you hire a new crew member to bolster your ranks. Clear all the ships in your sector and reach the highest levels of infamy in the universe! If you can survive long enough...

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