VOEvent Standard for Fast Radio Bursts
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Open Access Publications from the University of California

VOEvent Standard for Fast Radio Bursts

  • Author(s): Petroff, E
  • Houben, L
  • Bannister, K
  • Burke-Spolaor, S
  • Cordes, J
  • Falcke, H
  • Haren, RV
  • Karastergiou, A
  • Kramer, M
  • Law, C
  • Leeuwen, JV
  • Lorimer, D
  • Martinez-Rubi, O
  • Rachen, J
  • Spitler, L
  • Weltman, A
  • et al.

Fast radio bursts are a new class of transient radio phenomena currently detected as millisecond radio pulses with very high dispersion measures. As new radio surveys begin searching for FRBs a large population is expected to be detected in real-time, triggering a range of multi-wavelength and multi-messenger telescopes to search for repeating bursts and/or associated emission. Here we propose a method for disseminating FRB triggers using Virtual Observatory Events (VOEvents). This format was developed and is used successfully for transient alerts across the electromagnetic spectrum and for multi-messenger signals such as gravitational waves. In this paper we outline a proposed VOEvent standard for FRBs that includes the essential parameters of the event and where these parameters should be specified within the structure of the event. An additional advantage to the use of VOEvents for FRBs is that the events can automatically be ingested into the FRB Catalogue (FRBCAT) enabling real-time updates for public use. We welcome feedback from the community on the proposed standard outlined below and encourage those interested to join the nascent working group forming around this topic.

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