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Post-crizotinib management of effective ceritinib therapy in a patient with ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer.

  • Author(s): Won, Brian
  • Mambetsariev, Isa
  • Salgia, Ravi
  • et al.


We report the re-biopsied diagnosis of a patient with anaplastic lymphoma receptor tyrosine kinase (ALK)-positive lung adenocarcinoma successfully treated with ceritinib 450 mg/day taken with food following disease progression and gastrointestinal intolerance to crizotinib.

Case presentation

A 74-year old female patient initially diagnosed with ALK-negative lung adenocarcinoma responded to initial standard chemotherapy. The patient was subsequently re-tested by next generation sequencing (NGS) and found to have ALK EIF2AK3-ALK fusion, and responded to crizotinib, but ultimately progressed and showed intolerance to this ALK inhibitor. She was then successfully treated with ceritinib 450 mg/day taken with food, has not suffered from any further gastrointestinal side-effects, and remains on ceritinib treatment after 12 months.


Second-line ceritinib treatment, when administered at 450 mg/day with food, is both well tolerated and efficacious in a patient with previously treated lung adenocarcinoma who had discontinued crizotinib due to disease progression and gastrointestinal adverse effects (AEs).

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