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Open Access Publications from the University of California

GIS For Mapping of Lane-Level Data and Re-Creation in Real Time For Navigation

  • Author(s): Sutarwala, Behlul Zoeb
  • Advisor(s): Farrell, Jay A
  • et al.

Advanced navigation systems for advanced driver assistance systems for safety of vehicle occupants and for autonomous vehicles require high accuracy digital maps. These maps should contain enough attributes and precision to be able to guide the vehicles within their lanes. Along with these digital maps we also require them to process the data in real time. In this Thesis we will design a geodatabase for such a lane-level digital map using a nodal approach. We collect decimeter accuracy data by using a datalog vehicle (Rover). We followed GIS practices for database development and use GIS management tools such as ArcGIS. In the second half of the thesis we implemented a Human Machine Interface for an Advanced Drive Assistance System. This system will query data from the geodatabase and process it to graphically display on screen the vehicle and the lane-level map of the region around it. It will also display a predicted vehicle position to notify drivers of future lane departures. We tested this system along the Interstate 80 in the Donner Lake Region where it was a part of a Snow Plow Guidance Project implemented by UCR for CALTRANS.

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