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Rotation to Simple Loadings using Component Loss Functions: The Oblique Case


Component loss functions (CLFs) similar to those used in orthogonal rotation are introduced to define criteria for oblique rotation in factor analysis. It is shown how the shape of the CLF effects the performance of the criterion it defines. For example it is shown that monotone concave CLFs give criteria that are minimized by loadings with perfect simple structure when such loadings exist. Moreover, if the CLFs are strictly concave, minimizing must produce perfect simple structure whenever it exists. Examples show that methods defined by concave CLF perform well much more generally. While it appears important to use a concave CLF the specific CLF used is less important. For example the very simple linear CLF gives a rotation method that can easily outperform the most popular oblique rotation methods promax and quartimin and is competitive with the more complex simplimax and geomin methods.

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