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Nebula Proposition

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Nebula Proposition is a two player grid based strategy game. Both players choose their

units and one unit for each team is chosen to use the "Chronation technology". The use

of this tech allows timelines to split and allows the players to play on two game

boards at once. Whichever piece is in control of the tech (the piece has a green glow

to them) is how time is based. Once this piece is destroyed, the tech passes on to the

unit that killed it and time splits. This mechanic allows for planning around piece

management and new strategies that other strategy games don't allow. Altering time is

not the goal of either team though; each team has a "Royal piece", also called the mothership.

If the mothership is destroyed, that player loses and the game is over, so at all costs keep

the mothership alive. Except for the mothership which each team is restricted to only having

one, there are three different units that players can choose from: the Bomber which is

strong but attacks ANYTHING in front of it including allies, the Omega Fighter which is slow, but

can attack from a distance, and the warp ship which teleports around the battlefield,

discharging electricity every time it moves. After placing the units and learning how to

control time, it is all up to the players as to how they want to defeat their opponent.

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