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Common variants in MMP20 at 11q22.2 predispose to 11q deletion and neuroblastoma risk.

  • Author(s): Chang, Xiao;
  • Zhao, Yan;
  • Hou, Cuiping;
  • Glessner, Joseph;
  • McDaniel, Lee;
  • Diamond, Maura A;
  • Thomas, Kelly;
  • Li, Jin;
  • Wei, Zhi;
  • Liu, Yichuan;
  • Guo, Yiran;
  • Mentch, Frank D;
  • Qiu, Haijun;
  • Kim, Cecilia;
  • Evans, Perry;
  • Vaksman, Zalman;
  • Diskin, Sharon J;
  • Attiyeh, Edward F;
  • Sleiman, Patrick;
  • Maris, John M;
  • Hakonarson, Hakon
  • et al.

MYCN amplification and 11q deletion are two inversely correlated prognostic factors of poor outcome in neuroblastoma. Here we identify common variants at 11q22.2 within MMP20 that associate with neuroblastoma cases harboring 11q deletion (rs10895322), using GWAS in 113 European-American cases and 5109 ancestry-matched controls. The association is replicated in 44 independent cases and 1902 controls. Our study yields novel insights into the genetic underpinnings of neuroblastoma, demonstrating that the inherited common variants reported contribute to the origin of intra-tumor genetic heterogeneity in neuroblastoma.Chromosomal abnormalities such as 11q deletion are associated with poor prognosis in neuroblastoma. Here, the authors perform a genome-wide association study and identify an association between a variant within a Matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) gene member, MMP20, and 11q-deletion subtype neuroblastoma.

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