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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Excited-state spectroscopy using single-spin manipulation in diamond

  • Author(s): Fuchs, G.D.
  • Dobrovitski, V.V.
  • Hanson, R.
  • Batra, A.
  • Weis, C.D.
  • Schenkel, T.
  • Awschalom, D.D.
  • et al.

We use single-spin resonant spectroscopy to study the spin structure in the orbital excited-state of a diamond nitrogen-vacancy center at room temperature. We find that the excited state spin levels have a zero-field splitting that is approximately half of the value of the ground state levels, a g-factor similar to the ground state value, and a hyperfine splitting ~;20x larger than in the ground state. In addition, the width of the resonances reflects the electronic lifetime in the excited state. We also show that the spin-splitting can significantly differ between NV centers, likely due to the effects of local strain, which provides a pathway to control over the spin Hamiltonian and may be useful for quantum information processing.

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