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Public Transportation and the Carless in Small Cities and Rural Areas: An Annotated Bibliography


This annotated bibliography is prepared for those who are interested in the problem, concerned citizens and planners in small cities and rural areas, and policy analysts in various levels of government. Public transportation planning in nonmetropolitan areas has been disjointed. There are few well developed goals, objectives, and policies. Standards and values are varied among different communities. Consequently, decisions on public transportation services can best be made locally with active citizen participation. This bibliography, together with a review paper (ITS Report D-SR-77-2), provides adequate information for gaining insights into the various facets of the problem. Additional information and assistance can be obtained from the library of the Institute of Transportation Studies (Berkeley and Irvine), the Division of Mass Transportation - California Department of Transportation, the Urban Mass Transportation Administration - U.S. Department of Transportation, and other agencies or institutes. 

The bibliography is divided into three sections. The first section is a list of references arranged alphabetically by author. Each article is classified by a system of coded keywords. The keyword codes are shown in parentheses after each reference. The second section contains the abstracts of the articles. The third section is an index of articles by subject. The cross-reference is shown by the article number.

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