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Diner Duel

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Diner Duel is a two player battle game. The game is set in a fictional food court with a restaurant on either side. Each player owns one of the restaurants, and their goal is to  make the goal amount of money before their opponent does. There is only one way to make money in Diner Duel. Players make money by stealing tips off of tables before their waiters get to them. However, a player can also go into his opponent’s restaurant and break his opponent’s tables, rendering them useless and forcing the opponent to spend money to fix them. Fortunately, if a player is caught in his opponent’s restaurant, he is kicked out and reappears at the back of his own restaurant. In addition to these simple features, Diner Duel also lets players buy upgrades that increase player speed, decrease waiter speed in order to allow a greater window of time to pick up tips before they disappear, and increase the value of each tip collected. Players are never out of the game. The only way to lose is to not win. In order to enforce this, if a player has no more working tables and doesn’t have enough money to fix them, an angel appears and gives this player enough money to fix two of his tables. Diner Duel captures the same kind of fun that a game like Combat does. It is a battle in a setting that battle has never seen before. It is simple yet very enjoyable to play.

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