The curse of the Deer
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The curse of the Deer

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Our game “The curse of the Deer” is based on an adventure platformer game. And it has a base story. Therefore, I expected the players understand our story and think about how to solve the problem. This story is about pizza and deer so it can be a new story for the players. Form the story, we make our stages are continuous steps to make pizza. So it is familiar to the players because it is a common one. Everyone knows they should put pizza toppings and bake it. About art things, the first stage is about collecting toppings for the pizza. So we wanted to make items like more realistic to make players feel that they are pizza toppings. And for the second stage, we thought about how to express it as baking. So we use the concept of the oven, and collecting fires to bake it. From the class, we learned that it is important that make what we are interested in, and what we want to make. So, we thought about the main topics for the story at first. And we choose pizza and deer, and thought about the story. It was very fun because we knew many stories related to deer like “Adventure Time”, and make imaginary stories from it. We thought it was crazy to make the game with pizza and deer, but I think it is a success story today. Also, we think about our gameplay style. And I like platformer game style and also rhythm games. So I suggested it and thought about how to apply these things with our topics. Therefore, our game design consisted of this game. We thought that it would be more fun if it had multiple endings according to the player’s choice. So, we made the story first, and how to make different endings from the story. It is a very short-time project and the game project is also small, so we thought about how to deliver our stories to the player. Finally, we made pickup items can be the choices for the player. So, in our game, picking items are not the score, they are choices for the endings.   Also, we cannot find some assets using pizza and deer at the same time. So we should draw our characters and items. It was hard work, because we should draw most of them, and we are not the artist! But we wanted to give more proper design to the player. So, we draw the main player character looks like a pizza delivery man because our whole story is related to pizza. And also draw deer looks like a vicious king, so that the player can think that it is a villain. I also got feedback from other students, and I think it works well.    In this game, the player can be a hero just making a delicious pizza. However, it might be difficult for someone because they should guess deer’s favorite things. I think players feel fun with that. Also, it has 2 stages but different gameplay. And it makes the players have various experiences by playing one game. At first, we use different keys for each stage. In the platformer stage, it uses arrow keys to move. But in the oven stages looks like rhythm games, it uses 4 different alphabet keys. We got feedback it is difficult for users, and also we thought it is not good to explain how to play this. So, we modify it to use arrow keys. However, it is too difficult using 4 arrow keys at the same time, so we also modify it to use only 3 keys: up, left, and right. At the final testing, I got feedback we had improvement compare with the previous section. And we had some strange mechanics at the first stage. But we had feedback that it was fine because some players feel fun with that. And someone told us it passed too quickly between two stages. So, we changed the portal (oven) smaller, and give instructions to the player to prepare the next stage. Also, it has audio only for 2 stages, so we add some audios for the ending. We have some difficulties to implement our design. Because we want to make it be polished, and we have two stages, so they need different events. Our number of events is limited, and we should delete some events for this. I also discussed this in the TA section, but we had a response that we cannot add additional events. So we should delete some features. I think it can be more improved if we can have more events.

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