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Hearts, Wings, and Nasty Things

  • Author(s): Eccles, Megan Elizabeth
  • Advisor(s): Haskell Smith, Mark
  • Winer, Andrew
  • et al.
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Rhiannon was born without a heart.

That she lives and breathes and parties like a typical teenager is a mystery and miracle to the medical world, and a tragedy to the rest—based on her mother’s memoir in which she confesses to attempted infanticide. Despite this, Rhiannon has had a normal, perhaps too normal, life. Struck with incurable wanderlust, Rhiannon plots her escape from her dreary town and comforts of her upper-middle class existence.

When the Man in Black appears out of nowhere and stops time, Rhiannon finds out she’s been living a lie. She’s a changeling; a member of the faerie court switched at birth with a human child. More shockingly, someone has her heart.

Rhiannon wants her heart, and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

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