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Campus Chorus Unites and Inspires; Here’s to Hoopdance; Saving Grace: Health and Healing for Gay Men in the Black Church


Abstract 1

Campus Chorus Unites and Inspires

The University Chorus is one of UC Berkeley's hidden gems. It includes 70 singers – from novice to professional, undergrad to senior citizen – all eager to share their passion for making music. Journalism grad student (and Chorus alto) Sade McDougal chronicles the group and its members in a short video.




Anna Sadovnikova, UC Berkeley undergrad

Kayla Sheehan, UC Berkeley undergrad

Lily Jacobson, UC Berkeley undergrad

Marika Kuzma, UC Berkeley professor, choral director

Abstract 2

Here’s to Hoopdance

Hula hooping is hip again. In this piece, newly voted "Best Hoopdancer of the East Bay" Nicole Wong helps us explore the craze. As with yoga, pilates, and other new-age workout trends, new fans praise the modern, homemade hoop as a means of exercise, meditation, and fun. People of all ages and backgrounds are now getting in touch with their inner child and giving it a whirl. Exercise fads come and go, but Bay Area hoopers hope this one is here to stay.

Source List:



Nicole Wong, instructor, Cherry Hoops

Antonio Gomez, coordinator, Bay Area Hoopers


Hamill, Sean. “Hooping Already Has Its Own Jane Fonda.” New York Times, March 9, 2010.

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Abstract 3

Saving Grace: Health and Healing for Gay Men in the Black Church

African Americans make up only six percent of San Francisco’s population, but they are nine times more likely than whites to have AIDS. This video looks at the group most at risk for the disease, black gay men, and how the church community affects their HIV/AIDS prevention and care.

Source List



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Norman Tanner, Black Brothers Esteem outreach coordinator, San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Micah Lubensky, community development manager, San Francisco AIDS Foundation

Susan Kegeles, co-director, Center for AIDS Prevention Studies

George Wilson, choir member, Glide Memorial United Methodist Church

Cecil Williams, minister and founder, Glide Memorial United Methodist Church

Janice Mirikitani, founding president, Glide Memorial United Methodist Church

Paul Harkin, HIV services coordinator, Glide Memorial United Methodist Church Clinic

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