Late Second Intermediate Period to Early New Kingdom
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Late Second Intermediate Period to Early New Kingdom


The main events of the transition period from the Second Intermediate Period to the New Kingdom are the expulsion of the Hyksos, the reunification of the country, and the reestablishment of a Nubian province. During, and following this process of reunification, the Ahmosids reorganized the administration and started restoration projects. The cultural history is marked by a diverging orientation back ward and forward, a view into the past and into the future. In art, architecture, and literature, we can observe archaistic features and a collecting of old knowledge; but at the same time the Egyptians opened up for new ideas, technologies, and concepts. Altogether, this time is regarded as a turning point in history by both the a ncient Egyptians and modern Egyptologists; and it is one of the most analyzed periods of a ncient Egypt’s history.

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