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Real Proper :

  • Author(s): Vierkant, Arthur Benjamin
  • et al.

Real Proper serves as the written component (and ideological backdrop) to the series of objects and images presented alongside it towards fulfillment of the title "Master of Visual Arts." This component covers to varying degrees of detail shifts in the way we think of objects and artistic production in contemporary networked society. Further, it serves to describe and provide some degree of context for the work I have completed in my time as a graduate student at UC San Diego and where I hope to take my work in the immediate future. This document consists of two parts: the first (I) is a statement of intent originally released for free download as a draft at the end of 2010 under the title The Image Object Post- Internet. This original text has been expanded upon and altered after a series of discussions and written correspondences it provoked, some with individuals I have never and may never meet. It is deliberately positioned somewhere between academic probing and manifesto. The second (II) gives a detailed account of the exhibition presented as my Thesis Exhibition, the works included, and the way I am framing these projects

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