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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Using Angular Power Spectra to Probe CIB Anisotropies

  • Author(s): Thacker, Cameron Michael
  • Advisor(s): Cooray, Asantha
  • et al.

I present my work involving the auto and cross-power spectra of the cosmic infrared back- ground (CIB) anisotropies. Specifically, I use data that comes from both ends of the infrared spectrum. In this thesis I measure the angular power spectrum in the far-infrared with data from the Herschel Space Observatory at 250, 350, and 500 μm wavelengths and interpret this through a halo model using a conditional luminosity function approach. Integrating over the dusty galaxy population responsible for the background anisotropies, I then calculate the cosmic density of dust. Finally, I measure, for the first time, the cross-correlation of near and far-infrared background anisotropies using the Spitzer Space Telescope at 3.6 μm and Herschel. The cross-correlation is modeled using a halo model with three components: (a) far-IR dusty galaxies in Herschel, (b) near-IR faint galaxies below the masking depth at 3.6 μm, and (c) intra-halo light, or diffuse stars in dark matter halos, likely dominating fluctuations at 3.5 μm.

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