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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Sound in vertebrate pest control

  • Author(s): Frings, Hubert
  • et al.

The author discusses the concept of controlling pest animals, primarily birds, using sound as a tool to frighten birds from a specific location, or to deter bird damage. He notes that bio-acoustic sounds that have specific meaning, such as distress calls and alarm calls, often are more effective than sounds that simply are loud, but often are species-specific in effect. However, they do not need to be broadcast at high volume and thus are less objectionable to people within hearing range. Quality, timing, and strategies for the use of bio-acoustic sounds are discussed with many examples from attempts to use these against various bird species, especially European starlings. Reasons for lack of interest in research and commercialization of bio-acoustic sounds for bird control, in North America in particular, are discussed.

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