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80k project 2

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The theme I chose is "falling." My whole game is about a person trying to suicide by jumping off a building. Well, you don't necessarily need to fall based on your choices, but falling is like a concept and a kind of endings in my game. In this game, I want players to feel that they are not just making choices for a person, but they are the person standing on the roof. I use the words "you/your" a lot because of that. Also, I don't want the players to be too upset while playing this game. So, I intentionally wrote a lot of words in a cold, emotionless tone. "Everything happens, but you only want to die." I forced players to accept all the information so that they feel less awkward and more natural to think in the way I provide. Moreover, I don't think my character should be emotional. I think it works pretty well with some funny joking words or choices I put in there.

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