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Blind Spot

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  Blind Spot is a pixilated-graphic 2-D point-and-click adventure game. The protagonist of this game is a detective with superpower of changing the state of objects from the current to the past, which means he can solve crimes easily. However, this time he is accused of a homicide case. He needs to prove that he is innocent by going to the crime scene himself with the risk of getting caught. The closer to the crime scene, the more truth he finds out. In the end, there is a stunning mystery waiting for him.

  In this game, player can move by clicking. If player wants to check an object, he can click the ��SEE�� button below and then click the object. Likewise, if he wants to use or take an object (if possibly), he can click the ��USE�� button below. The most innovative mechanics of this game is that player can change an object. By doing that, just click ��CHANGE�� button and click on the object. However, not all objects can be changed. Since this is a point and click adventure game, there will be puzzles. Player needs to finish these puzzle in order to finish the game.

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