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Development of potentiostat platform for complex voltammetric measurements and self-adjustable electrolysis

  • Author(s): Chan, Yin Shing Gary
  • Advisor(s): Liu, Chong
  • et al.

With rapid technological progress, electrochemical methods are being developed and improved throughout the years. Outdated models of electrochemical equipment like potentiostats are replaced with newer models with more functions and capability. Since those outdated models are programmed using programming language like C++, users can utilize the source code to program new features to the outdated potentiostats, extending its period of use. We developed methods enabling users to create new functionality of an electrochemical analytical system using its software development platform on MATLAB� to perform complex voltammetric measurements and self-adjustable electrolysis. Complex voltammetric measurement is defined by running chronoamperometry under arbitrary potential waveform rather than the traditional constant voltage chronoamperometry or triangular potential waveform used in cyclic voltammetry. Self-adjustable electrolysis is demonstrated as a proof-of-concept via a nanowire array electrode, monitoring, and self-adjusting potentiostat parameters throughout the experiment with the execution of a control loop. The development of arbitrary waveform allows the potential improvement of sensitivity in electroanalytical methods for detecting compounds and their redox potential, whereas the development of self-adjustable electrolysis facilitates in the self-optimization of method parameters in electrochemical measurement through a control loop mechanism.

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