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Maligna is a 2D action shooter game that takes place in a human brain. The purpose of the game is to advance from level to level until you reach the final level where players are faced with the boss. To beat the game you have to defeat the boss. The different levels take place in different lobes of the brain, which brings a unique educational component to the game, and may attract those who are interested in the brain and its functions. Enemies are present in each level, and shoot bullets at the player. By shooting the enemies, you can build your score; if you get hit by a bullet, your health goes down (so remember to keep a close eye on your health bar)! The main player is a killer T cell, the enemies are cancerous tumor cells, and the boss is the cancerous tumor itself! Enter the world of the human brain if you dare, and see if you can defeat the ultimate boss! Beware of enemies along the way!

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