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Overview Embedded Network Approaches to Multiscale Seismic Networks (SEI 3)


1) The UCLA Factor building is a testbed for predictive numerical modeling, wireless network, and smart event-detection developments related to structural health monitoring. Waveform data from the 72-node array in the 17-story moment-resisting steel frame Factor building are used in comparison with finite element calculations for predictive behavior. 2) We are mapping the subducted slab beneath Mexico and examining slow earthquakes which have been observed at this subduction zone, volcanic earthquakes and the propagation of seismic waves in Mexico City which was devastated in the 1985 Michoacan earthquake. We will compare our 50 instrument wireless array with the 50 instruments of a stand-alone array that has been installed by Caltech. The transect covered by all stations is 500 km long between Acapulco-Mexico City-Tampico.3) We are preparing to move our 50 station array to Peru to compare with Mexico results looking at the flat slab subduction.4) We are developing a low power high resolution wireless seismic array (GeoNet). It is going to be a high density self configuring network that would be possible to deploy in the aftershock zones.

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