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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Mundus Subterraneus

  • Author(s): Kardambikis, Christopher Fredrick
  • Advisor(s): Silva, Ernest
  • et al.

Mundus Subterraneus is an exhibition that explores a science-fiction myth narrative. The show consists of four pieces completed in the last year, each involving experiments in production that employ a formal consideration of process while developing the over-arching themes of the show. The work is characterized by my interest in using direction, layering, scale, and circular storytelling to depict a fractured view of a narrative system, or world, within which both formal gestures and stories can be generated.

The visual and narrative systems at play in Mundus Subterraneus layer a history of book production, science, science fiction, myth, and cosmology. My process is one of pulling apart and separating individual elements before recombining and flattening information. My work constantly sifts through visions of what was, or what once might have been in order to discover what could be coming next.

Pieces include: 1) Squaring a Circle, a digital printmaking project that constructs a horizon line around the entirety of the gallery walls; 2) Wheels Within Wheels, a variation on Kepler's model of the solar system that uses the Platonic Solids to expand orbital paths; 3) Mundus Subterraneus, an over-sized hand bound accordion fold book that combines digital and physical methods of print and mark making and; 4) Atom Style, a computer program presented as a projection that generates a constantly shifting set of compositions using the visual language of science-fiction detritus.

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