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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Trace-Level, Multi-Gas Detection for Food Quality Assessment Based on Decorated Silicon Transistor Arrays.

  • Author(s): Yuan, Zhen
  • Bariya, Mallika
  • Fahad, Hossain M
  • Wu, Jingbo
  • Han, Rui
  • Gupta, Niharika
  • Javey, Ali
  • et al.

Multiplexed gas detection at room temperature is critical for practical applications, such as for tracking the complex chemical environments associated with food decomposition and spoilage. An integrated array of multiple silicon-based, chemical-sensitive field effect transistors (CSFETs) is presented to realize selective, sensitive, and simultaneous measurement of gases typically associated with food spoilage. CSFETs decorated with sensing materials based on ruthenium, silver, and silicon oxide are used to obtain stable room-temperature responses to ammonia (NH3 ), hydrogen sulfide (H2 S), and humidity, respectively. For example, one multi-CSFET sensor signal changes from its baseline by 13.34 in response to 1 ppm of NH3 , 724.45 under 1 ppm H2 S, and 23.46 under 80% relative humidity, with sensitive detection down to 10 ppb of NH3 and H2 S. To demonstrate this sensor for practical applications, the CSFET sensor array is combined with a custom-printed circuit board into a compact, fully integrated, and portable system to conduct real-time monitoring of gases generated by decomposing food. By using existing silicon-based manufacturing methodologies, this room-temperature gas sensing array can be fabricated reproducibly and at low cost, making it an attractive platform for ambient gas measurement needed in food safety applications.

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