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Modelling a Microgrid with Energy Storage and Hybrid Power Plant

  • Author(s): Chauhan, Gurbinder Singh
  • Advisor(s): Krstic, Miroslav
  • et al.
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Modelling a Microgrid with Energy Storage and Hybrid Power Plant


Gurbinder S. Chauhan

Master of Science in Engineering Sciences (Mechanical Engineering)

University of California San Diego, 2019

Professor Miroslav Krstic, Chair

The objective of this Master Thesis is to research, develop, and test modular, fast-acting, coordinat-ed, real-time power control and adding energy storage capability to provide grid resiliency, spinning reserve, support frequency regulation and improve power reliability of the grid. The modular design of the control algorithms and equipment should allow a variety of new and existing Distributed En-ergy Resources (DERs) in the 1‐20 MWe size range to adopt the technology. A market assessment of the proposed Microgrid with Hybrid Power Plant is also reviewed, highlighting the technical challenges, policy issues, economic and market benefits to manufacturing sectors in the U.S. and the larger electric grid.

Scope of Project:

In this report, a specific collection of DERs consists of Power Generator Set (PGS) and a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). It’s assumed that Battery Storage could be charged through Fea-ture Specific, non renewable energy resource like PV or Wind.

Test Bed:

This project was completed through the implementation of control algorithms developed using Rockwell® Programmable Logic Controller and validation of the various operation modes of the Microgrid was done on Typhoon® Hardware In Loop (HIL) simulator.

Future Road Map:

The proposed Hybrid Power Plant (HPP) technology and control methods will provide an effective technology solution for grid operators looking to strengthen electric grid stabilization through least-cost resources, and offer a transformative solution for U.S. manufacturers seeking increased energy resilience, reliability, as well as introduce new revenue streams.

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