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Open Access Publications from the University of California

Aim and Scope

The publishing system in computer science mainly relies on conferences, which has two major problems:

  1. The number of papers that can be presented in a conference is limited, and that did not scale as fast as the community grew, leading to many good papers being"rejected" even though they propose interesting ideas and solid science.
  2. Publishing in conference is expensive and cannot be afforded by researchers in many countries, essentially excluding them from the community as they lack the funds to register to and travel at international conferences.
  3. High quality journals do exist but are less regarded than conferences, leading to chronic lack of reviewers and long reviewing process. Furthermore, few journals are open access, and those that are charge expensive article processing fess, therefore excluding researchers with limited funds, just like conferences.

The Journal of Systems Research (JSys) aims to address these problems by offering a high-quality journal for computer science systems research with guaranteed short review process and a diamond open access model; that is, free to read, free to publish. JSys proposes a forward-looking model of reviewing where the reviewers and the researchers work together to make each paper stronger, while preserving double-blind anonymity to limit bias; after acceptance, papers are published alongside a summary of the reviews and the name of their reviewers. This provides more transparency in the review process as well as fair credit for the work of reviewers.