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Call for Papers

The mission of the New Chaucer Society is to "provide a forum for teachers and scholars of Geoffrey Chaucer and his age." As the working conditions of those teachers and scholars change, this forum needs to expand to reflect those changes. For this reason, NCS is happy to announce the launch of a new, on-line venue, New Chaucer Studies: Pedagogy and Profession, housed at the University of California's free, open-access platform, eScholarship This peer-reviewed journal offers brief essays on teaching, service, and institutional environments and cultures.

We invite submissions to this new project from a wide range of contributors, including independent scholars and education at K-12 / primary and secondary schools. We are particular interested in essays concerned with usefulness to readers across institutions and non-institutional settings. Some areas for inquiry might include the following:

  • the effect of the pandemic on our profession;
  • strategies for equity and inclusivity in teaching, recruiting, and hiring;
  • strategies for addressing or rectifying institutional constraints (budgetrs, criteria for tenure, etc.)
  • teaching methods for medieval literature;
  • including medieval literature in a General Education curriculum and/or at the level of K-12 / primary and secondary schools;
  • recruiting graduate students for the study of medieval literature;
  • the impact of curricular change on medieval courses;
  • issues of hiring, tenure and promotion;
  • the workings of professional organizations, journals, and conferences;
  • graduate training for shrinking numbers of academic jobs; and,
  • outreach to the public and to colleagues in other disciplines.

We also welcome collaborative essays or responses unified around a single topic.

We are now seeking contributions for Spring 2022 (Volume 3, Issue 1): Open Topic.

Please submit essays of 3000 words through our site at by April 1, 2021 for consideration.