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Editorial Board

The UEE Academic Editorial Committee consists of leading scholars of Egyptology. Its tasks are to establish and maintain the overall concept of the encyclopedia, select the area editors and authors and provide them with clear directions to assure well-balanced and complete information on each subject. Selection criteria for authors and area editors are their academic record and standing, as well as their publication record on a specific sub-field or particular subject. The Academic Editorial Committee guides the process of review and permission to publish.


Dorothea Arnold
| Curator, Egyptian Department
Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
John Baines
UEE Senior Editorial Consultant | Professor, Egyptology
University of Oxford |
Joris F. Borghouts
| Professor Emeritus, Egyptology
Leiden University, the Netherlands |
Jacco Dieleman
UEE editor | Assistant Professor, Egyptology
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures,
University of California, Los Angeles
Elizabeth Frood
UEE editor | University Lecturer, Egyptology
University of Oxford |
Fayza Haikal | Professor, Egyptology
American University in Cairo, Egypt
Janet Johnson | Professor, Egyptology
Oriental Institute, University of Chicago
Antonio Loprieno
| Professor, Egyptology
Basel University, Switzerland
Thomas Schneider
| Professor, Egyptology and Near Eastern Studies
University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada
Stephen Seidlmayer
| Professor, Egyptology
Free University of Berlin
editor web-based Altägyptisches Wörterbuch
Willeke Wendrich
UEE Editor-in-Chief | Associate Professor, Egyptian Archaeology
Near Eastern Languages and Cultures,
University of California, Los Angeles |
Jean Winand
UEE editor | Professor, Egyptology
University of Liege |
Alain Zivie | Director, CNRS Egyptology, Paris, France |