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Lauren DeMarti

Lauren is double majoring in Classical Civilizations and Art History at the University of California, Berkeley. She is most interested in the changes and rules of Rome under Augustus, and the religious practices and rituals of ancient cultures, particularly as they are interwoven with and explained by popular mythology. Outside of classical subjects, Lauren is an avid seamstress and costumer, frequent yoga practitioner, insatiable foodie, and enjoys shooting rifles at the range in her free time.

Rachel Feldman

Rachel is currently in her fourth year studying Classical Civilizations and English at the University of California, Berkeley. She studied Latin in high school which inspired her to continue her classical studies at the university level, where she is particularly interested in exploring the eschatology of the Ancient Mediterranean world. Rachel also indulges in ancient and modern poetry from Sappho to Anne Carson, and also currently serves as managing editor for the Berkeley Poetry Review. Outside of her studies she enjoys all things nerdy.

Karen MacLaughlin

Karen is a Classical Languages major at UC Berkeley who is not afraid to show her unabashed admiration for Julius Caesar.

Meredith Millar

Meredith is in her fourth and final year studying Art History and Classical Civilizations at the University of California, Berkeley. After extensive travel on the western coast of Turkey, she became increasingly interested in the material culture of settlements outside the Greek mainland. She spent the most recent summer working in Romania at the archaeological field school at Halmyris, a fort on the Roman Imperial frontier. Outside of her studies, Meredith enjoys buying things she doesn’t need at flea markets and hardware stores, listening to cinematically overwrought soundtracks from science fiction video games, and indulging in writings from 19th century British painters of the Pre-Raphaelite movement.

Brendan Pinder

Brendan is a fourth year Classics and Political Science major at Berkeley. Enamored with the ancient world since early childhood, the classics have come to shape his passions for theatre, politics, art and poetry. Of particular interest to him is the archaeology of the Levant and the cult of Dionysos.

Antara Rao

Antara is a third year Classical Civilizations and Molecular & Cell Biology major at the University of California, Berkeley. After spending her childhood devouring idealized versions of Greek and Roman mythology, she was fascinated (and slightly traumatized) to discover the ambiguous and colorful historical/cultural truths behind these tales. The time she does not spend on reading history and mythology is spent working in a stem cell lab, running, playing soccer, shooting (arrows), dancing, eating chocolate, and attempting to play the guitar.

Patrick Smith

Patrick is a fourth year Classical Languages major at the University of California, Berkeley. He caught the Latin bug in high school, (partially) thanks to viewing HBO's Rome at an impressionable age. His interests include first century BCE Roman history, ancient biography, and reading overly dramatic fictionalizations of great Roman lives.

Lynette Turnblom

Lynette is currently in her second year at Berkeley, having transferred in Fall 2013 as a Classical Art and Archaeology major. After receiving an A.A. in Archaeology she decided to focus her university studies in Classics rather than Archaeology, as the ancient Mediterranean is what interests her most. She is most interested in architectural sculpture and the comparative study of temples and other monumental buildings. She will be studying in Rome, Italy during the Spring 2015 semester, where she will be doing research for her Honors thesis as well as finishing up coursework for her degree; as well as eating inordinate amounts of pasta.