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Previous Editorial Board, Volume 4, Issue 1

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Mia Antonio

Mia is a fourth year Classical Civilizations major at U.C. Berkeley with a broad interest in all things humanities and a special interest in philosophy. Never having been able to visit Greece or Italy, she spends all of her time imagining the ancient world through the lenses of distinguished Cal professors. Besides her studies, she enjoys helping high school students develop their academic skills and their characters and is hoping to teach after graduation.

Hannah Lee

Hannah has recently converted to the Classical Languages major. Having fortuitously stumbled into that field, the study of ancient languages has given her fresh interest in ancient history and philosophy. Besides attempting to translate more fluidly, she enjoys painting.

Karen MacLaughlin

Karen is very grateful to be a Classical Languages major and current Haas Fellow at the University of California, Berkeley. She continues to admire Gaius Julius Caesar tremendously, but has recently filed past him into the first century AD in order to study the causes for Stoic suicide and Christian martyrdom that occurred in Rome at that time.

Marvin Morris

Marvin is a fifth year Classical Civilizations major with an emphasis in archaeology and art history. He recently spent the summer in Greece excavating Bronze Age tombs in archaeological field school with the Nemea Center followed by several weeks in west central Italy as a Haas Scholar conducting research on representations of Etruscan winged “demons.” Although his training has been focused primarily on the material culture of ancient Italy, he also has some experience in both Latin and Greek. Marvin intends to pursue his passion for Etruscan archaeology and art history in graduate work.

Antara Rao

Antara is a fourth year Classical Civilizations and Molecular & Cell Biology major at the University of California, Berkeley. Since her childhood, she has constantly indulged an obsession with Western mythology, a relationship which culminated in struggling through ancient Greek and digging up ancient Mycenaean graves. Apart from reading historical papers and fiction, she grows neurons in a stem cell lab, shoots (arrows and photos), and hunts for marvelous desserts around Berkeley.