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Previous Editorial Board, Volume 5, Issue 1

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Olivia Graves

Olivia is a senior double majoring in English and Classical Civilizations. Currently, she's applying to graduate school for archaeology and trying to savor every moment of her last year at Berkeley! She has participated in excavations in Greece and England, and would love nothing more than to excavate all the time! However, she also loves delving into literature, various ancient languages, and assorted knitting projects too!

Julia Lyter

Julia is a senior finishing up her double major in Classical Civilizations and Interdisciplinary Studies at UC Berkeley. In the Classics department she loves to study the Etruscan and Roman Egyptian cultures, although she plans to apply to a pre-med post-baccalaureate program this fall to further her long-term goal of becoming a doctor. In her extra time she likes to paint and play hockey.

Katie Berlin

Katie is a junior studying English and anthropology. With her main focus on archaeology, Katie studies women's roles in history through excavation and primary documents. She has excavated in England, Greece, and Oregon. She also works at the University of California Museum of Paleontology and spends much of her free time studying marine mollusks.

Zachary Handler

Zachary Handler is a sophomore intending to major in history and minor in Latin (though being a sophomore, he has not yet declared anything). In the ancient world he is currently most interested in military history, ancient Judaism, and Greco-Roman interaction with foreign, and especially distant, cultures. Outside of his academic pursuits he is involved with environmental activism, and in his spare time likes to read fantasy and science fiction books.

Amanda Dobrov

Amanda is a fourth year Anthropology and Classical Civilizations major at UC Berkeley. She is especially interested in archaeology, more specifically Roman ceramics. She spent Summer 2016 in Rome working through a collection of Roman era North African amphorae. She's really excited to join the BUJC team and read about all the wonderful research her peers are doing.

Athena Schlereth:

Athena is a junior Classical Civilizations and Biology major at UC Berkeley. She is particularly interested in Latin poetry as well as archaeology. In Summer 2016 Athena was a student in the Nemea Center for Classical Archaeology's field school, where she was able to experience archaeology for the first time both in the field and in the museum. She is very excited to read and edit the work of her peers for the journal this year!